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On Economics, Commerce and other such trivia…

I’ve gone AWOL for a while now, on social media. The reason was a combination of workload, family activities, photography and just a general stop-and-take-stock attempt to detox from the day-to-day online-ness of if all. But I’ve been keeping notes on the way, so there are a few things I will be talking about in the near future. Here are some of them, in no particular order:

  • The $100 million dollar garage affliction
  • I have grabbed you by your Facebook page. Are you listening now?
  • Why “Information Economics” is not the same as “Infonomics”. Or is it?
  • I buy, sell, market, service… When did ECM become a Monte Carlo celeb?
  • BYOD is so last year… BW2YD is coming!
  • Oh yeah? You and whose customer experience?
  • From “Everything is a record” to “Why do we need records? “ in three days flat

…and other such trivia, with a couple of conference reviews thrown in for good measure. Watch this space!

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Time to consolidate!

Starting to get tired of multiple blogs and re-posts, re-blogging. I am going to try and use this as my central point of reference, and then work out from here. Here are some of the blogs I’m consolidating…

Information Zen

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