George Parapadakis

George Parapadakis

George Parapadakis leads the ECM Value Advocates team for IBM UK and is a specialist in the business application of Process, Information, Document and Content Management.

His previous role in IBM was Risk & Compliance Business Solutions director for IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

George received a BSc (Honours) in Computing Science and an MSc in User Interface Design before starting his career as an engineer, project manager and architect of large Workflow and Document Management implementations.

With over fifteen years experience in this field, George joined FileNet (now IBM) ECM in 2003 from Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, where he was the leader of the UK Enterprise Content Management practice.

George has worked for more than seven years in the pharmaceutical industry, designing and delivering compliance solutions in the regulatory space, both for R&D and manufacturing. As an ECM consultant he has also been responsible for information management solutions in other regulated industries including government, insurance and legal. He specialises in the design and marketing of compliant business solutions using process & information management technologies.

George works actively with the business process and content management software industry and was the founder and manager of “Document Management Avenue”, an independent community of practice for content management professionals since 1995. George sits on the management committee of Intellect UK’s Document Management Group and has been awarded the title of “Master of Information Technologies (MIT)” by AIIM where he is also acting chairman for the UK AIIM Professional Members community.

George is a frequent speaker in conferences and regular writing contributor in various industry publications.

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