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What is a #TweetJam? Can I join? What do I do?

What is a TweetJam?

Musicians “Jam” by getting together and playing unscripted music, constantly working off each other, around a general theme. A TweetJam is the same concept, but using Twitter to have a fast-paced conversation around a particular topic. The idea is that a panel of people who are knowledgeable on a theme, are available to answer questions. Anyone can pose a question and anyone can answer.

What is the ECM TweetJam?

IBM, in the context of IOD EMEA (their primary Information Management conference in Europe http://bit.ly/iodemea), is running the first ever TweetJam on the topic of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). The official timing of the Jam is between 15:00 and 17:00 Central European Time on Thursday May 6, 2010. Of course we can’t control what is posted on Twitter so the TweetJam is effectively on all the time. But that’s the time that the panel will be monitoring and answering questions.

What do I do to follow the TweetJam?

Very simple: Sign on to twitter.com and do a search for the terms #IOD2010 #ECM (both need to be there). Anything related to the Jam will have these two hash tags in the message so it will appear in the search.. Alternatively, you can use one of the other Twitter tools (e.d. TweetDeck) and monitor the search terms from there.

How do I join in?

Also very simple: You can post anything on twitter – a question to the panel, a response to a previous question, a comment. As long as you add the hashtags #IOD2010 #ECM to your message, you are participating in the TweetJam. That’s all! No need to register, or sign up, or anything else. Just join in!

Where can I find more info about the ECM TweetJam?

Look at: http://bit.ly/iodecm

When is it again?

Between 15:00 and 17:00 Central European Time on Thursday May 6, 2010. But you can even start posting questions now if you want!

See you there!!!  🙂

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